Our Services

AIS offers a leading, tailor made, and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients' business needs in the following areas

E-Commerce Application Architecture, Development and Deployment

AIS has specialized in e-commerce software delivery based on different type of business model including c2c, b2c, b2b and b2b2c in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. During the last few years, we have successfully help major retail, luxury goods and eshop customers to launch their e-commerce platform within a short period of time.

Business and Operation intelligence delivery

Harness the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Splunk Enterprise, we are helping our customer to define management dashboard, KPI and report to monitor the business operation and measure the performance of each individual groups or companies.

Enterprise Software Development and Deployment

Over the past 22 years, AIS has developed our framework, design patterns and common library as a building block for enterprise software. With this, we are able to shorten our customer development life cycle and improve the cost effectiveness of their IT solutions.

Application Development and Support Outsourcing

We provides consultants with specific skills on a time-and-materials basis. Also, our Software factory in Shenzhen and Taipei provide offshore outsourcing services to customers who want to take the cost advantage of doing software development in this region.